Sunday, October 24, 2010


Skin protection is a culmination of all
measures taken to protect the skin, with
regard to personal protection, against the
dangers found in a workplace, for example:
• precautionary skin protection
before you start:
by using substances which protect your
skin from the harmful effects of your work.
• dirt-specific skin cleaning methods:
the removal of visible and/or invisible
substances, agents or organisms
from the surface of your body.
• Skin care:
It is important to condition and care for
your skin after washing in order to support
and accelerate the skin‘s own regeneration
Medical statistics show that work-related skin
diseases have been at the top of the list in
industrial countries for many years. Take optimum
precautions by using products from our
skin and hand care programme. We are more
than happy to advise you!

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